911 doesn't work, try a FAX

Nathan Stratton nathan at robotics.net
Sun Jul 4 13:21:59 UTC 1999

On Sun, 4 Jul 1999, Sean Donelan wrote:

> At the last NANOG several folks chuckled when I pointed out that
> many real emergency plans include sending a FAX as a backup when
> the phones don't work.  I thought I would pass this news story along.

To make things worse, many of the new CLECs don't have adiquite trunking
to the 911 tandems or PSAPs. Many of my CLEC customers try to only run the
minimum number or channels to get approved. Most of them also run all of
the 911 over the same circuit or if they have more then one, out of the
same MUX. 

So, don't count on much working during an emergency with deregulation
many times comes less stable networks.

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