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Dean Robb pceasy at norfolk.infi.net
Sat Jul 3 22:56:15 UTC 1999

At 04:38 PM 7/2/99 -0700, Paul Vixie wrote:
>i don't think you missed it.  the operators of the secondary COM servers were
>not informed of any of the problems until after my analysis was published,
>by that time netsol had published a new and corrected COM zone.  i'm NOT
>to have had to learn of it from non-netsol channels when it's clear that they
>knew something was happening.  this was a highly operational issue and
>a lot of users.  NANOG, or at least rs-info at internic.net, or at least the
>name server operators, ought to have been told.

Now, Paul...you KNOW that customer service and NSI are mutually exclusive

I'm still waiting for their 'Internet Ombudsman' to be named.  How long can
it take to find someone to do it?

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of ICANN?"

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