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Sat Jul 3 22:00:32 UTC 1999

	Hello Dave, If you should (or anyone else for that matter)
	should create a mailing list for this discussion please
	advise the this list .
		Tia,  JimL

On Fri, 2 Jul 1999, Dave Rand wrote:
> I've been contacted by many of you with regard to this peering issue.
> The time has come for the ISPs to work closer together.  As each of our
> networks grow, the need for peering *increases*.  The networks that are
> exhibiting the fastest growth are those that encourage peering.  I'm sure
> that most of you know this.
> I'm not opposed to setting some criteria for peering, and making that
> publically available.  I am adverse to peering negotiations that occur
> "under cover of darkness" (NDA), or that are arbitrary (handshake agreements).
> I'm proposing that we form a unified front to negotiate these issues.
> Sort of a MLPA - but on a worldwide front.
> Let's take this off the NANOG list, though, unless there are strong
> objections.  I'll set up a mailing list of interested parties, and we should
> get together over the next 30 days with at least a meeting in the bay area
> (SFO), one in New York or Washington, and one in Europe.  I'll host them,
> details too be announced shortly.
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