FW: Root Domain Server Hacked.

bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com
Sat Jul 3 02:37:50 UTC 1999

> rmeyer at mhsc.COM (Roeland M.J. Meyer) writes:
> >That's not what Paul said.
> >> Randy Bush writes:
> >> this is false and specious garbage
> Both statements are true.  You can hijack domain names and insert
> bogus data in caches without hacking any root servers.  It is much
> easier to just e-mail a domain modify template to NSI, and insert
> some bogus IP addresses for certain names.  Similar to what happened
> to AOL last year (actually it appears to be a glue issue on some NS
> records).
> I think some people are getting too wrapped up in some really exotic
> attacks on DNS, when the simple ones still work. 

	Who was it that said, "never attribute to malice..."
	While the clever pranks/attacks are interesting and
	potentially very disruptive, simple mistakes and 
	social manipulation can/do cause lots of highly
	visable impact.  Somewhat akin to tossing a lighted
	match into a powder keg.  I hope these "fireworks"
	prove to be a dud and that our respective holidays
	are safe, quiet, and productive.


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