Peering issues, bis

Dave Rand dlr at
Sat Jul 3 02:02:37 UTC 1999

I've been contacted by many of you with regard to this peering issue.

The time has come for the ISPs to work closer together.  As each of our
networks grow, the need for peering *increases*.  The networks that are
exhibiting the fastest growth are those that encourage peering.  I'm sure
that most of you know this.

I'm not opposed to setting some criteria for peering, and making that
publically available.  I am adverse to peering negotiations that occur
"under cover of darkness" (NDA), or that are arbitrary (handshake agreements).

I'm proposing that we form a unified front to negotiate these issues.
Sort of a MLPA - but on a worldwide front.

Let's take this off the NANOG list, though, unless there are strong
objections.  I'll set up a mailing list of interested parties, and we should
get together over the next 30 days with at least a meeting in the bay area
(SFO), one in New York or Washington, and one in Europe.  I'll host them,
details too be announced shortly.

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