[Y2K-PT] - a better NTP test source

Bill Manning bmanning at ISI.EDU
Fri Jul 2 13:21:28 UTC 1999

This from Dave Mills pages on public NTP servers:

   83.y2k-test.timefreq.bldrdoc.gov ( 
       Location: NIST Boulder Laboratories, Boulder, Colorado 
       Synchronization: ACTS dial-up using modified lockclock algorithm, DEC Alpha/UNIX 
       Service Area: All areas 
       Access Policy: Open access. 
       This server will transmit time packets that are fast by exactly 2 years (63158400 seconds). It is intended to help users test the y2k
       performance of their systems. The advance is set so that the year is 2 years in the future but the remainder of the time is correct. Thus the
       message transmitted at any time on 1 November 1998 will have a time corresponding the same time of day on 1 November 2000, etc. It will
       operate from Mid-October 1998 through the end of 1999. Contact: Judah Levine (jlevine at time.nist.gov) 303 492 7785 
       Note: This system is intended for test purposes only and it should be used with care. Although NTP itself should not have a problem handling
       dates in the year 2000, many host operating systems cannot do so, and system crashes or data corruption are possible if the date is set using
       this test facility. 


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