UCB anyone?

ken lindahl lindahl at ack.berkeley.edu
Thu Jul 1 23:34:44 UTC 1999

On Thu, 01 Jul 1999, Stephen Stuart <stuart at tech.org> wrote:
>> It appears that UC Berkeley has been off line for the majority of the day.
>> AS 25 disappeared sometime earlier today. Anyone with some knowledge out 
>> there?
>"Flood in Berkeley, fixed in a couple hours" is what the UC Davis NOC
>told me at 12:30pm PDT.

indeed. a contractor pierced a 200psi 12inch water main; causing a lot
of water to be sprayed in the same location as one of the campus power
distribution units. a transformer short-circuited and blew; i've been told
that the flash from the arc was visible on the other side of the closed
door, even with the overhead lights on.

we lost the transformer, but there was sufficient capacity at the site that
campus electricians were able to bring evans hall, where our external con-
nections are located, back online at approximately 4pm, after roughly 7 hours
total outage. as far as i know, we lost no equipment other than the trans-
former itself.

we've heard several reports that "email is slow." :-}

ucdavis's connectivity is through evans hall, ucb.

ken lindahl

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