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Steven J. Sobol sjsobol at nacs.net
Thu Jan 28 06:49:05 UTC 1999

On Wed, Jan 27, 1999 at 04:28:39PM -0800, Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:

> So they break the tele for modems and tell the customer that the only
> solution is to use them as their ISP? If SBC tried this, with pacbell.net,
> I'd be on on the phone to the FCC, the CPUC, my congress-critter, and my
> lawyer, not necessarily in that order. I think they call that
> anti-competitive practice by a monopoly. This is pretty egregious, why
> haven't we heard more about this, is it a new thing? More curious, how can
> an RBOC be that dumb?

You work in the industry - why do you even feel the need to ask that
question? You know the answer :)

(Yes, that was a cheap shot.)

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