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John Leong johnleong at research.bell-labs.com
Wed Jan 27 23:17:58 UTC 1999

> Busy Connect ...

The user will not actually get charge for a busy connect service.  When
he reaches a busy line, instead of getting a busy signal, he will get a
prompt to th effect "if you want the phone company to call you back when
the line is free ... for a 75 cents charge ... press 1 is yes, and 2 for
no".  So, you modem user should not be charge when it encounter that

As with your users complaining getting "no answer", well, it is really a
case of swapping of the failure code of "busy" to "no answer".  In
either case, they are out of luck ... because pressumably you do not
have enough circuits into your dialup POP, or the ILEC/CLEC has capacity
problem ... hence the busy situation.

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