InterNic Responds

Dean Anderson dean at
Tue Jan 26 21:51:33 UTC 1999

Interesting.  They claim to get 30000 registrations a day, 20000 bogus.
That isn't very many.  Interesting that they claim the speculators are
"spammers spamming their system with bogus and incomplete registrations".
Seems like speculation and denial of service are separate things.  I smell
something from NSI.

But, since some people disputed what I and 'half a million' others think
about the difficulty and performance limitations of a registration system,
I'll "put up" instead.  I'll supply the development system that will run on
Linux with Oracle 8 (I'll spend the $295 for Oracle/Linux)  The devel
system will be a dual P233 with Redhat 5.2. (Already have this) This will
allow the software to be moved to a Sun with Oracle Enterprise, which has
the features required to handle very large tables, replication, etc. It
will be able to be a "highly available, commercial quality system".  

If you are interested in writing code to generate zone files, modify
whois/rwhois server to use oracle/odbc, make web pages, send me mail. (I'll
write the email parser)

I don't think this will take very long, even part time. I expect that the
devel system should be able to handle the 30000 registrations per day.


At 05:20 AM 1/26/1999 -0800, Henry Linneweh wrote:
>Speculators Inundate InterNIC
>Henry R. Linneweh
           Plain Aviation, Inc                  dean at

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