Incompetance abounds at the InterNIC

Dean Anderson dean at
Mon Jan 25 17:39:37 UTC 1999

At 08:06 AM 1/25/1999 -0500, Rich Sena wrote:
>Screw the speculators - (simply put) - they are leaches - if they did not
>register the domain in the first place then that company that they "watch
>the news for" would simply register their own frikken domain and not be
>gouged by them for their "finders fee".

All speculators are leeches. Stock speculators leech on the profits of
companies. Land speculators leech the value of farmers and developers.  I'm
not saying speculators aren't leeches.

What I'm saying is that you can't get rid of them without killing your own
services. [by metaphor, leeches grow in warm water--poison the water, and
you poison yourself]  On this, I'm already proven right. NSI took out
on-hold information.  Who got hurt? Speculators? No. People who service
customers domains? (like ISPs)? Yes.

You think that by setting up an account with NSI, you can stop speculation.
But you can't. I've already shown that you can't get rid of speculation
with the changes proposed.  I think there is general agreementt that the
changes won't eliminate speculation.

Further, everyone is in agreement that the real problem is NSI's services,
legacy systems, etc.  Eliminating speculators doesn't fix this problem.

Don't be a sucker for foolish solutions to problems which can't be fixed.


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