aads renumbering rumor and implications

Michael P. Lyle icee at phoenix.lyle.org
Mon Jan 25 05:48:14 UTC 1999

On Sun, Jan 24, 1999 at 09:35:13PM -0800, Randy Bush wrote:
> >>  o does anyone see why the exchange address space needs to be globally
> >>    routable?
> > Traceroute.
> as the fabric is used for peering under bi-lats, if we each announce the
> mesh to our customers and not to our peers, then i believe you will have
> your tracroutes and yet the prefix does not have to be globally routable,
> e.g. could be 209.666.42/24.
> randy

Holdon, i don't even see the need for that;  if you traceroute out, the
packets will cross the exchange irregardless of whether you're announcing
it to your customers, and a message of TTL exceeded will be generated
from the exchange's address..  The important question is, should they
be globally UNIQUE for troubleshooting purposes?  I think so.


Michael P. Lyle
Security Architect
Exodus Communications

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