SF Bay Area LEC discussion list?

Charles Sprickman spork at inch.com
Fri Jan 22 21:03:33 UTC 1999

Of course the reason I asked, is I think we're suffering from it.  What a
catchy term!

Symptoms sound similar, users at particular COs have problems, but maybe 4
out of 10 dial attempts.  Analog users (the bulk of our userbase) can
connect OK if this happens, but the modem resends from 20-50% of all
'blocks'.  If it's a USR, ati6 shows this after disconnecting.  Not sure
exactly the unit 'block' is in modem speak...  The end result is sub 1
Kb/s throughput, and a blinking error control light.

We've had almost zero success in getting this fixed.  We track it (our own
office is on ILEC lines, modems on CLEC lines) and document times and
numbers dialed to/from, yet even with that info no one can (is willing?)
to fix it.  Very annoying.  

In the past, we got some Brooklyn COs fixed, but this is really like
playing whack-a-mole.


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On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Jim Browne wrote:

> At 15:08 -0500 1/22/99, Charles Sprickman wrote:
> >And could someone define "DS0 shredding"?
> I doubt that term is in general use.  We use it around the office to
> describe situations like the following:
> A LEC and an ILEC meet at a Central Office, let's call is SJSP.  Something
> is wrong with the physical cross connect, say a flaky DS3 coxial cable.
> The bit errors introduced by the flaky cable cause some ISDN calls and
> digitized analog calls flowing through it to experience CRC errors.  The
> end-user manifestation is 40% packet loss of IP over ISDN calls and 56K
> analog calls renegotiating to no end.
> Why the LEC or ILEC don't notice the errors is beyond me.  Why particular
> ILECs seem to have this problem repeatedly is beyond me.  Why the ILEC
> frustrates end-users and LECs by futzing with LERG tables and tandem
> capacity could be the subject of a good conspiracy theory.  I admit that I
> don't know SS7 as well as IP, but I do seem to be able to troubleshoot
> these problems better than the people with the keys to the switch rooms.
> Problems like this are difficult to pinpoint as they usually affect callers
> coming from specific COs of the ILEC.  End-users and ISPs are also not
> granted access to any debugging or analysis information that would help
> pinpoint and fix the problem.  Telco ticket and front-line people have no
> idea what you are talking about.
> Thus, my desire to create the SF list.  I have "inside" contacts at LECs
> and would like to cooperate with other users who have similar contacts so
> we can get these problems pinpointed, fixed, and hopefully apply positive
> pressure on both the LECs and ILEC.
> [I intend to keep SF-specific information off of NANOG.  I felt the above
> question warranted a response though, considering I used confusing
> terminology.]
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