Who uses RADB/IRR?

Dean Anderson dean at av8.com
Fri Jan 22 23:12:01 UTC 1999

Actually, we just became multihomed last month.  I'm not aware of any
problems getting to other parts of the net, and definitely no problems with

[Also, my apologies if this a newbie BGP question]

I started looking at the RADB, but haven't got ourselves setup yet.  Does
anyone actually deny routes which aren't listed in the RADB?  I guess what
I'm really asking is how important is it to be in the RADB? Does it get
more important sometime soon?

I would also tend to think [based on limited BGP knowledge] that it would
only be a problem if your direct upstream used the RADB or if your upstream
is RADB filtered by their peers. Is this true? 


At 11:39 PM 1/21/1999 -0500, Daniel Senie wrote:
>I'd like to find out which networks use the RADB or IRR databases to
>build their routing policies, and how to look at their current databases
>or access looking glass or equivalent systems.
>It's becoming difficult to take a network multihomed without having
>parts of the net appear to be black holed in other parts of the world.
>It appears difficult to ascertain which networks are doing what with
>So far I am aware of CW.NET and ANS.NET using the routing databases to
>build their policies, but am not aware of a way to look at their tables.
>If anyone has pointers to their resources, or those of other nets using
>the routing registries, please let me know.
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