OFF TOPIC: Pre-NANOG Activities

David Diaz davediaz at
Sat Jan 23 03:59:40 UTC 1999

Sorry to reply late.  Some of us are getting together and going to Copper
Mnt.  The more the better.  We are going up thurs and staying till Sat
night/Sun morning.

Some people will test their new knees (crazy wabik) snowboarding while
others will just use sticks to go down the mountain.

Sushi eat-offs are a requirement.

FYI I believe a bunch might be heading to winterpark Sun.  There's a pretty
big list floating around out there is excel format...

At 8:48 AM -0500 1/11/99, Derek Elder wrote:
>Are there any groups getting together on Saturday to do anything
>interesting such as going skiing?
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