SF Bay Area LEC discussion list?

Charles Sprickman spork at inch.com
Sat Jan 23 07:08:17 UTC 1999

On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Tim Wolfe wrote:

> Be careful!  The NANOG police are out in force and may soon be sending out
> warrants for your arrest!  Charges of offtopic soon to follow...

You know, I didn't even intend to send to nanog.  I'm a bit too touchy
with reply-to-all on this list, perhaps it's something subliminal.

I would put up quite a fight though if it came down to a fight over
whether telco issues or dns-policy were more appropriate...

Personally, I don't think either are, unless we're talking telco issues of
DS1 and above.  Hence why I'm calling my post a blunder.


> Tim
> Disclaimer:  Not that I'm bitter or anything.. ;P
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