Incompetance abounds at the InterNIC

John Fraizer John.Fraizer at EnterZone.Net
Wed Jan 20 06:37:01 UTC 1999

At 04:27 PM 1/19/99 -0600, Phil Howard wrote:
>So many people keep harping on the point of having name servers first.
>But that's a silly and moot point.  The name servers may well be behind
>a firewall and the use of the domain name is intended for internal use
>and needs to be registered externally for the same reason one should use
>allocated address space from ARIN instead of picking random addresses.
>This is like telling people they have to be routed on the Internet to be
>able to get an address allocation.

1) You should have domain servers for ANY domain you register that live in
NON-RFC1918 space.  Otherwise, Why register the domain at all?  If it's for
use behind the firewall, why not use or  You
say "Because they want to receive email at the domain!"  Well, to receive
email, the rest of the world has to be able to find the mx records and to
do that, your domain servers have to live in NON-RFC space and we have now
completely and totally blown your first point out of the water and made it,
in your own words, "moot."

2) DNS servers that are behind a firewall are useless in the context you
describe above.

3) You should NEVER pick random addresses.  Please refer to RFC1918.

4) If you don't intend to be routed on the global internet, you SHOULD be
required to use RFC1918 space.  NOBODY should be allocate routable address
space for internal, off-net use.

>been included with the request.  Other ideas include limiting the number
>of outstanding requests per contact.  If you have more than N unpaid
>domains, you can't regiater any more on that contact until you either
>pay up on some or delete some.

This would be a moot effort.  What is going to stop the speculators from
just generating random email addresses for admin, techincal and contact
addresses.  It is very simple to route * to a single email box.

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