Incompetance abounds at the InterNIC

Phil Howard phil at
Tue Jan 19 22:34:36 UTC 1999

John M. Brown wrote:

> My only problem with Pay Up Front is that some customers are going
> to be dead beat about paying us.   I would want to make sure that

That's your problem.  You choose your business model and I'll choose mine.

> there was some recourse to collecting our money or having the
> domain placed on hold until fees are paid.  The only way that
> I can see doing that now is to register the domain under our name
> and then transfer it later once we get paid.  Way to much work.

You have a number of choices here:

1.  Require your customers to pay up front, too.

2.  Charge them extra for the pre-payment and transfer costs.

3.  Register them as the billing contact for their own domain.

We happen to do #3 because it keeps costs lowest, and fully establishes
the concept that they own their own domain names, not us.

> Another way is to take the abusers to court and nail them. Make the
> penalty to high and they will leave.

I'd prefer to have the problem solved well before 2002.

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