Incompetance abounds at the InterNIC

Phil Howard phil at
Tue Jan 19 22:27:08 UTC 1999

Daniel Senie wrote:

> And most of the domains never have working name servers at all. The
> internic rules say you're supposed to have name service first. This
> isn't always practical, but if speculative domains don't have DNS within
> a few days, I'd think that'd be enough to wipe the allocations.

So many people keep harping on the point of having name servers first.
But that's a silly and moot point.  The name servers may well be behind
a firewall and the use of the domain name is intended for internal use
and needs to be registered externally for the same reason one should use
allocated address space from ARIN instead of picking random addresses.
This is like telling people they have to be routed on the Internet to be
able to get an address allocation.

> Actually, at this point I'd be happy to supply a credit card or a funded
> InterNIC account number along with applications. Money up front may well
> be the only way to clobber speculators.

This is a more reasonable way to begin to block those speculators that
are ripping off the system.  There are a number of variations I am sure
InterNIC could do.  Among them would be to expedite new domain requests
if the credit card payment, or established account authenticity, has
been included with the request.  Other ideas include limiting the number
of outstanding requests per contact.  If you have more than N unpaid
domains, you can't regiater any more on that contact until you either
pay up on some or delete some.

Another idea I have for InterNIC would be that when a domain is released
for non-payment, put it on "lockout" (just seeking a new term here) for
a random period of time.  If during the lockout period, a new request
for it comes in, reject the request and extend the lockout for a new
random amount of time.

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