Incompetance abounds at the InterNIC

Chris Mauritz chrism at
Tue Jan 19 16:02:13 UTC 1999

This isn't a bad idea.  Imposing a "pay up front" policy on domains that are
not first time registrants or renewals of domains that have paid in the past
seems like a pretty good way to deter the hoarding that we're seeing now.
If the Internic isn't going to change their policy to squelch the problem,
they need to improve the performance of their existing process.  The current
system is completely substandard and is only encouraging those folks that
would see the entire process regulated by the gummint.


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My take would be register them as the billing contact and remain as the
adminstrative contacts - the NIC should then have a page set up that the
custoemr can go with a confirmation number to add their credit card info
directly - they could afford them a 3 day window to do so - or the domain
would be deleted.  They could also tag a domain that has been reregistered
a 2nd time and demand payment up front before it is registered this time -
that gives the customer 1 bite at convenience - and then hve to put up in
order to ever actually get that particular domain.

On Tue, 19 Jan 1999, John M. Brown wrote:

> My only problem with Pay Up Front is that some customers are going
> to be dead beat about paying us.   I would want to make sure that
> there was some recourse to collecting our money or having the
> domain placed on hold until fees are paid.  The only way that
> I can see doing that now is to register the domain under our name
> and then transfer it later once we get paid.  Way to much work.

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