Incompetance abounds at the InterNIC

John M. Brown jmbrown at
Tue Jan 19 10:18:03 UTC 1999

My only problem with Pay Up Front is that some customers are going
to be dead beat about paying us.   I would want to make sure that
there was some recourse to collecting our money or having the
domain placed on hold until fees are paid.  The only way that
I can see doing that now is to register the domain under our name
and then transfer it later once we get paid.  Way to much work.

Another way is to take the abusers to court and nail them. Make the
penalty to high and they will leave.

just my $.002 worth at 3am in the morning with US West blowing up 
Cascade switches

At 11:22 PM 1/18/99 -0600, Edward S. Marshall wrote:
>On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Daniel Senie wrote:
>> Actually, at this point I'd be happy to supply a credit card or a funded
>> InterNIC account number along with applications. Money up front may well
>> be the only way to clobber speculators.
>Hammer. Nail. Head. >BANG<
>Attack the root of the problem: people have made a market of domain
>speculation. Raise the stakes for them, and you'll find that they'll be
>more inclined to make a living some other way. The current model costs
>them absolutely -nothing-, a zero-cost marketplace for speculators.
>I have -no- problem with a "payment up front" requirement. I'd hope that
>anyone serious about doing real domain management would be willing to pay
>in advance.
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