Incompetance abounds at the InterNIC

Phil Howard phil at
Tue Jan 19 02:49:06 UTC 1999

John Fraizer wrote:

> Just what does our $35/yr per domain go towards?  I would venture to guess
> that drive space costs a whole shit load less that all the damned InterNIC
> commercials I've been seeing on T.V.!

What $35?  Domains are FREE!  ... at least for 30 days.

> Does anyone know just who we need to bitch very loudly to?

The domain speculators who flood InterNIC with massive numbers of domains
they don't intend to pay for, and then flood again with repeated templates
to re-register the same domain all over again hoping to catch it right
when it gets deleted for non-payment (under a new ficticious name, of

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