quick question about mae-la

bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com
Tue Jan 19 03:42:31 UTC 1999

>  what fibre carriers are available to one wilshire or 4676 admiralty?
>  any contacts on either the isi or mfs side?
>  (mae-la-request at isi.edu seems to get me to a defunct mailing-list,
>  and my wcom reps are clueless, as usual.. "what's mae-la? is that
>  a person?")
>  sorry, this should probably be in the faq :(
>  please reply privately, so as not to clutter the list.
>  thanks much,
> -h

Screwy majordomo... -request should come to me.

	one wilshire is a carrier hotel so you get a pot-full
	of carriers there.
	4676 has three, WCOM, GTE, ATT/TCG. GTE is placing
	new capacity in, WCOM claims near saturation and 
	there are no known plans. ATT/TCG has capacity.

	1 wilshire is still homed behind shared FDDI and is
	quite congested.  4676 is all switched and can take
	GigE although most folks here are half-duplex fastE.
	( hint, hint, the congestion point is that wcom hub, 
	for those of you players that can re-home :)

	4676 has native multicast & IPv6 services. For more
	details, give a shout.  We'd love to have more players
	show and have the capacity (on the 4676 end :)


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