What does the NIC in InterNIC mean? "Network Incompetence Consortium"

Rich Sena ras at poppa.thick.net
Sun Jan 17 00:59:41 UTC 1999

Hey yo-yo - ever hear of Bcc... or are you just trying to impress us all
with the number of lists and *imp-O-tant* addresses you know for the loose
ends of the media market?

On Sat, 16 Jan 1999, Adam Rothschild wrote:

> Cc: dholtzman at internic.net, nanog at merit.edu, markk at NETSOL.COM,
>     ema at merit.edu, action at ISI.EDU, report at drudge.com,
>     headline.news at cnn.com, isp-colo at isp-colo.com,
>     isp-consulting at isp-consulting.com, isp-linux at isp-linux.com,
>     isp-tech at isp-tech.com, isp-webhosting at isp-webhosting.com,
>     comments at foxnews.com, abcsuggestions-L at starwave.com,
>     TechNews at MSNBC.com, World at MSNBC.com, Internight at MSNBC.com,
>     Imus at MSNBC.com

I am nothing if not net-Q! - ras at poppa.thick.net

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