What does the NIC in InterNIC mean? "Network Incompetence Consortium"

Adam Rothschild asr at millburn.net
Sat Jan 16 21:12:38 UTC 1999

On Sat, 16 Jan 1999 danderson at lycos.com wrote:

> so noticeable. Think about running your service, you know that stuff
> happens regardless of how redundant you attempt to make it. As a whole, I
> think their service runs pretty damn well for the most part. Their

To err is human.  To constantly ignore common sense, and screw up a
highly mission-critical service, is not.

Common sense tells us not to pfutz with experimental load-balancing
technology in a mission-critical environment.  Also, common sense tells us
to monitor disk usage carefully, and always have extra storage space on

I wish the InterNIC would spend my $35/year buying storage space, rather
than reminding me that they're the "dot-com people"...


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