What does the NIC in InterNIC mean? "Network Incompetence Consortium"

danderson at lycos.com danderson at lycos.com
Sat Jan 16 16:03:37 UTC 1999

Now come on, give these guys a break. You have to understand that they run
one of the largest services on the internet, and arguably the most
important. Yes, their billing procedures have been bad, registration is
slow, its often difficult to get someone on the phone to solve a problem,
etc. etc..

But they have to run a service that services everyone on the internet,
quite literally. Lycos is one of the largest companies on the web right now
and our service is extremely large. Let me tell you, its not like we don't
have disks fill, machines blow, modules in routers die, and on and on. In
comparison, I know what I have to go though to make Lycos work, plus the
efforts of hundreds of other employees. Combine that and you can't even
compare it to what InterNIC handles. Every single domain lookup goes though
root servers that they keep master ns records for. EVERY ONE!

Its easy for us to sit around and say that they suck, they stink, and they
are incompetent. Its because they are so important that their mistakes are
so noticeable. Think about running your service, you know that stuff
happens regardless of how redundant you attempt to make it. As a whole, I
think their service runs pretty damn well for the most part. Their
accounting and billing departments I can't say the same for, but that's not
the issue.

And lets not forget that they had to pioneer the whole thing. Its not like
they had a business model of another company to compare to when they
started up.

So have a little respect for them and don't whine about how much they suck
in the list unless its going to be productive, please.


Devin Anderson
Network Engineer
Lycos, Inc.

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Subject:  Re: What does the NIC in InterNIC mean? "Network Incompetence

I would like to thank the anonymous party who sent the email below.  It
confirms the rumors I had heard related to the cause of the latest InterNIC

>Subject: What does the NIC in InterNIC mean? "Network Incompetence
Consortium" (fwd)
>To: John.Fraizer at EnterZone.Net
>The service from InterNIC has been really poor for the last couple of
>weeks, and they finally admitted what the problem is, but only to their
>Premier Partners, and only after making up lots of other stories to cover
>it up first.
>Please keep me anonymous, don't use my name.
>InterNIC admitted that they are being massively flooded by domain
>speculators trying to register domains that are On Hold.  It's happened
>before, but this time it's far and away worse than ever before.  They said
>they expect to have it resolved in a few days, which I believe means that
>they're seeking legal injunctions against one or more offenders.  From
>I've heard, these speculators are sending registration templates for
>hundreds of domains every second, going far beyond their capacity.

It seems that the Network Solutions/The InterNIC is following the lead of
the politicians.  Lie about it until you're caught and then refuse to talk
about it.

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