Solution: Re: Huge smurf attack

Dan Hollis goemon at
Thu Jan 14 23:38:24 UTC 1999

On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Brandon Ross wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Joe  Shaw wrote:
> > My only question is do any of you who've been under attack report these
> > incidents to the FBI and the other appropriate agencies?
> We report these incidents to the FBI when there is at least a slim chance
> that the perpetrator might be caught.  We get a lot of very short lived
> attacks (30 minutes or less) that just don't seem to be worth our time to
> report to the FBI, since there's usually no data that would give them a
> bit of a clue about who might have done it.

There needs to be a better communication infrastructure set up between
backbones and providers, so we can trace the perpetrators to the source
and shut them off.

Having to spend 20 minutes on hold with a *multibillion dollar telco*
while they try to find a security admin, is simply unacceptable.

Or how about multibillion dollar telcos who cant keep the email and phone
numbers on their noc pages/internic/arin current. (eg bouncing email and
disconnected phone numbers).

Or how about networks with the facilities to deal with perpetrators but
are simply unwilling to do so. Eg spending several hours being smurfed,
and the backbones outright refuse to trace or filter.

All of this is simply unacceptable.


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