Solution: Re: Huge smurf attack

Joe Shaw jshaw at
Thu Jan 14 16:06:42 UTC 1999

My only question is do any of you who've been under attack report these
incidents to the FBI and the other appropriate agencies?  I understand
that a lot of these places are Universities and Govt. agencies where
finding someone to fix the problem is like running through water, but I
can only wonder if having the FBI get involved in these things would help.

Two agents from the Houston office recently gave a presentation talking
about their new and expanding computer crimes divisions popping up around
the country.  They kept harping on protecting the infrastructure of the
nations public networks, and I think helping track down smurf amplifiers
would fall under this.

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On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Alex P. Rudnev wrote:

> I am not sure about last smurf incident, but don't overestimate _dark 
> minds_ caused this incident. I am 99.9% shure all (ALL) this incidents 
> complained about in NANOG was the same _kidscripts_.
> This do not mean you should not prevent the possibility of 
> _cyberterrorism_, and let's this _kid's plays_ help to pay attention to 
> the security holes we have over the Internet.

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