Smurfing and IP filtering

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Wed Jan 13 19:19:47 UTC 1999

That would be a good starting point for the more sophisticated users however
most small networks have very uneven
clue distribution so I believe something in a FAQ format would be more
approachable to the small ISP/Network operator
and therefore more likely to be implemented even if they did not fully
understand the configuration.  We also need to create documents which
explain what each of the configs do

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> This is a really good idea. A thought on what to start with would the
> Cisco IOS Essentials Guide that was mentioned about a month ago.  I have
> begun implementing parts of this on our edge devices (mostly cisco's).  It
> could probably be simplified and amended (for things like Bay hardware).
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> I have been lurking on the Smurfing issue for a while
> In my experience most tier 2&3 ISP's when they sell T1 access to the
> internet just deliver a basic configuration
> on the router with NO route filters whatever they do not even put the most
> basic access restrictions on the router
> We as a group should create a best practices document (with sample
> config's)
> to increase the distribution of cluefulness
> across the network as a whole to reduce the incidence of these problems
> and
> make less firefighting neccessary for ourselves.
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