InterNIC problems with Contact modifications.

Chris Mauritz chrism at
Wed Jan 13 14:43:57 UTC 1999

That begs the question of where all those $70 registration fees are going?
Are they taking any concrete steps to fix their process so that it can
handle these loads?  Domain speculators aren't going away and they can't
just continue to ignore their responsibilities to the rest of us honest folk
that need timely service.


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At 04:01 PM 1/12/99 -0500, John Fraizer wrote:
>Is anyone else experiencing problems updating contact information at the
>internic?  I have been attempting for two weeks now to update information
>on three contacts.  The templates I'm sending in clearly say "Modify" on
>line 0a and in the subject line.  They keep being returned with a message
>like so:

This needs to go on the InterNIC list. The subject as already been broached
there. Chuck Gomes says that they have been getting pounded into jelly by
Domain Name speculators. It took me three weeks to get my Billing Contact's
tele changed. It took a month to get the invoice from new domain

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