InterNIC problems with Contact modifications.

ryan at ryan at
Tue Jan 12 22:02:12 UTC 1999

I have been getting problems with interNIC on mods and new domains.
Something must be wrong over there? They appear to be having major template
problems. Anyone have any answers?


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Subject: InterNIC problems with Contact modifications.

Is anyone else experiencing problems updating contact information at the
internic?  I have been attempting for two weeks now to update information
on three contacts.  The templates I'm sending in clearly say "Modify" on
line 0a and in the subject line.  They keep being returned with a message
like so:


The contact shown below has already been registered.  You can view 
the related information at the URL  
by typing the contact's last name, first name in the WHOIS query form.

If the information in WHOIS is incorrect or you would like to choose a 
password or use PGP, please submit a modification for your contact record  
by completing the form at the URL:

InterNIC Registration Services
email  hostmaster at

I'm just about ready to drive to VA and see if I can convince them in
person just how frustrated I am with their incompetence.

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