Huge smurf attack

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Tue Jan 12 20:06:58 UTC 1999

At 09:48 AM 1/12/1999 -0800, Dalvenjah FoxFire wrote:
>On Tue, Jan 12, 1999 at 05:12:22PM +0000, Michael Shields put this into my
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>> > Much as I hate to say it, this seems to be one area where industry
>> > self-regulation has utterly failed. I don't know what would be a better
>> > solution; I hate to suggest government regulation. But I'm at a loss
>> Civil liability?
>Possibly. I don't know of anyone who's tried suing over a smurf attack.
>If I could afford the lawyer and the court time I'd do it myself.
>All we really need is one or two good cases to establish some case law;
>then the rest of us can have some legal precedent to point to and say
>"If you don't fix your networks, you're screwed."

Criminal.   DOS attacks are covered by 18 USC 1030.  And I think there
might even be smurf included in the Kevin Mitnick case, but I'm not sure
about that.

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