Huge smurf attack

Ray Everett-Church ray at
Tue Jan 12 19:28:52 UTC 1999

On Tue, 12 Jan 1999, Dalvenjah FoxFire wrote:

> Possibly. I don't know of anyone who's tried suing over a smurf attack.
> If I could afford the lawyer and the court time I'd do it myself.
> All we really need is one or two good cases to establish some case law;
> then the rest of us can have some legal precedent to point to and say
> "If you don't fix your networks, you're screwed."

Should be considered a form of DoS, which is covered by the Computer Fraud
and Abuse Act... but only if you can meet the damage amounts, which are
pretty high. State computer fraud statutes are also a possible means of
going after them, although jurisdictional issues loom larger. Still, those
provide remedies against the attacker, not necessarily against the site
utilized in the attack.

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