Classfull registration in RAdb.

batz batsy at
Tue Jan 12 18:59:19 UTC 1999

I am currently registering routes for the company I work for and
I am wondering whether I should register customers classfull space.

In getting a list of our route assignments by comparing global BGP 
table route origins with ARIN SWIP information, I came across a 
number of class-B's that belong to customers that are not doing
BGP with us. All the blocks are portable space, and I am wondering
whether it would be correct to create route objects with our ASN
as the "origin:" or to require them to register their space and 
use our ASN in the "origin:" attribute of the route object. 

Though I understand responsibility for route registration lies with
the maintainer of the block, if they choose not to create a maintainer
object, other sites will not get the customers routes from the RAdb if they
are generating access-lists using our policy object. 

If the address space is portable, but they do not have an ASN, who
has the authority to regsiter the route object to a particular ASN? 

Thanks to Gerald Andrew Winters from Merit for his previous 
assistance in helping me with the policy here. I just thought
that I'd bring these issues up in a public forum as they don't seem
to be documented. 


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