Huge smurf attack

Joe Shaw jshaw at
Mon Jan 11 16:37:49 UTC 1999

On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Jeremiah Kristal wrote:

> I find it even more interesting how often I see showing up
> in smurf logs.  Is there some equipment that defaults to this network,
> some manual that uses this as an example, or is there a specific LAN that
> gets hit on every major smurf attack?  If it's really one network, you
> would think we could find and provide clue to the operator(s).
> Jeremiah

Clue should also be provided to the network operators who actually listen
to route advertisements for these networks.  We use private address space
here for various things, some of which are even production, but you've
never once seen us leak the advertisements for them.  And if we did make
the mistake of allowing them out, no one should ever listen to us about
them.  Blocking traffic from reserved space at your borders and not
listening to route advertisements for reserved space should be common
practice.  I would hope anyone clueful enough to be on this list would
know this already.

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