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Dean Anderson dean at av8.com
Mon Jan 11 09:45:15 UTC 1999

Not to jump too hard, but a whole lot of people agreed that spam was not
usually a topic of interest on NANOG.  So if you won't post spam to Nanog,
I won't point out how flawed the anti-spam methods are, nor will I be
tempted to explain why anti-spam methods eventually backfire on network


At 10:28 PM 1/10/1999 -0500, Alan Spicer wrote:
>Has anyone else received email similar to this? I haven't got the headers
>yet because this was forwarded to me by management. megasuccess.net isn't 
>listed in InterNIC but there are similar domain names. I don't want to
>contact or complain about the wrong organization or people. Replies to
>me only by email, unless this is some massive UCE campaign, please.
>Maybe they have already been shutdown by their provider?
>>>From: web at megasuccess.net
>>>X-Sender: web at megasuccess.net
>>>Date: 1/9/99 5:27:27 AM Pacific Daylight Time
>>>Reply-To: web at megasuccess.net
>>>To: web at megasuccess.net
>>>Subject: Mailing List (1999)
>>>Please forgive the intrusion. 
>>>Your email address is on a  list that we purchased. 
>>>Realizing that these lists are often compiled without your knowledge this
>>is our attempt to clean this list before we begin mailing. It is not an
>>attempt to verify that your email address is valid. We use an automated
>>mail system that deletes undeliverable email (invalid addresses). 
>>>Since you are reading this email we already know your address is valid. 
>>>If you DO NOT want to receive mail reply with "REMOVE" in the subject
>>>Please make sure remove is in subject line or mail software will delete
>>your reply. 
>>>Mail is not read so yelling, screaming or sending threats will not get you
>>on remove list. 
>>>Only the word  "REMOVE"  will work. 
>>>You will be placed on our remove list and not receive any email from us
>>>We DO NOT want anybody on our list to receive email that does not want to
>>be there. 
>>>If you are one of the small group of people who believe that you have the
>>right to decide what email everyone on the internet should receive, and are
>>going to email every organization you can find to request that you not
>>receive any more email from us, then please remember to include us in your
>>mailing with "REMOVE" in the subject. Otherwise you will have wasted a lot
>>of people's time and still receive email from us. 
>>>Thank you all for understanding. 
>>>Bob Beaudoin 
>>>Webmaster MegaSuccess 
>>> ___________________________________________________________
>>>This Message was Composed by a user of Automated E- Mail Software. If 
>>>you wish to be removed from this advertiser's future mailings, please
>>>with the subject "Remove" and this software will automatically block you 
>>>from their future mailings.
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