Operational question: Building filters from IRRdbs

Gerald Andrew Winters gerald at merit.edu
Wed Jan 6 16:52:39 UTC 1999


> Which version of peval do I have to run (3.xxx???) to work
> with the production servers? 4.xxx doesn't work with RADB
> etc.

Our production server, whois.ra.net/43, is RIPE181 compliant
until the community decides on a final transition date (hopefully
this spring/summer).  The ISI version 3.x tools are RIPE181
compliant and version 4.x are RPSL tools exclusively.  

Please let me know if you have any problems.


ps Unfortunately, ISI does not default to our server and you must
specifically set a command line flag so the tools can parse
the server output.  Check the man page for the correct flag
to select.

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