Operational question: Building filters from IRRdbs

Alex Bligh amb at gxn.net
Wed Jan 6 16:41:46 UTC 1999


Oh OK - that explains it.

Which version of peval do I have to run (3.xxx???) to work
with the production servers? 4.xxx doesn't work with RADB

Alex Bligh
GX Networks (formerly Xara Networks)

> Hello Alex,
> I have resynchronized the data on our experiemental/educational
> rpsl.merit.edu/43 server. As far as the server running at
> low priority goes, this has nothing to do with the 'up to dateness'
> of the data.  Normally data is refreshed every 15 minutes
> with production server, whois.ra.net/43.  However, this is
> a transitional period in which experimentation and code development
> are occuring.  There is no stable RPSL database code distribution
> at this point in time and the effort to bring this code to prodcution
> status is still on-going.  And as such, you can expect data staleness,
> outages, etc... occasionally as the bugs are finally ironed out.
> The situation on our production server is quite different.  
> We are the authoritative source for the radb and ans db's 
> and we mirror ripe @15mins.  Bell Canada/canet and MCI/CW
> are non-mirrored db's and we download them @24hrs.  However,
> our production server is RIPE181 compliant whereas rpsl.merit.edu
> is a playpen for the next  db syntax, RPSL.
> regards,
> --jerry (Merit)
> Alex Bligh (amb at gxn.net) on January 3:
> > Here's a couple of operational questions for those who build
> > filters from IRRdb's.
> > 
> > Background:
> > 
> > * peval / rpsl.merit.edu *may* be incorrectly evaluating
> >   RIPE database entries currently - but this isn't my main
> >   thrust. The scary thing is suddenly what I'm 99% sure used
> >   to work (expanding AS Macros) now silently fails if they
> >   are in RIPE. [for details see the end]
> > 
> > * I'm not saying the server is broken (I guess it has something to
> >   do with the 'server is running at low priority' line), but if I had
> >   this in an automatic filter generating run, it would generate
> >   the RADB stuff just fine, and silently filter out all RIPE based
> >   peerings. Even if it's working perfectly correctly, the questions
> >   are still interesting, at least to me.
> [snip...]

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