IGP Comparison (Summary of Responses)

Dan Rabb danr at stl1mail1.stl1.dbn.net
Wed Jan 6 13:05:26 UTC 1999

> We should also point out that the IETF is now an OSI liason 
> organization
> and can make contributions to the ISO process.  Further, given the
> technical expertise of the folks working in the IETF, the 
> effective death
> of CLNP, and the fact that a significant proportion of the 
> systems running
> IS-IS are actually doing so to forward IP, any contributions 
> made by the
> IETF will be taken very seriously by ISO.
> Regards,
> Tony Li
> IS-IS WG co-chair

Does anyone have any theoretical numbers that would indicate which protocol
has a faster convergence time in a given situation?  Are there any true
performance diffrences?

Dan Rabb
Network Engineer
digital broadcast network
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