IGP Comparison (Summary of Responses)

Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Wed Jan 6 03:13:18 UTC 1999

randy at psg.COM (Randy Bush) writes:
>> Most of the large ISPs in the US run IS-IS as their IP IGP.
>> In europe a number of PTTs have chosen IS-IS as the IGP for their new
>> IP Internet backbones. That might be an indication if IS-IS is dead.
>hypothesis: big isps talk less.  except a few loudmouths <g>, and when jhawk
>gets pissed off <g^2>.

I know why most of the older large ISPs use IS-IS, because it was the
only option that worked at the time.  But now that some router vendors
have come out with workable OSPF implementations, I've been wondering
which road the new ISP competitors would take.  So far, they've been
hiring all the engineering staff away from the older ISPs.  And then
the engineers set up the new network with the same skills, meaning IS-IS.

But what if you started from a clean slate...

If you didn't have an installed base, and didn't already know one or
the other, which would you choose?  Or just punt, and use iBGP....
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