What is NANOG used for? (Was Re: Exodus?)

Derek Balling dredd at megacity.org
Sun Jan 3 22:07:48 UTC 1999

At 03:54 PM 1/3/99 -0600, Jon Green wrote:
>Considering that his problems were isolated to Exodus clients, yes, it's
>off-topic.  Small network outages happen every day, and I don't think
>we need to hear about them all.  IMHO, what DOES belong on this list are
>discussions of network design, router configuration, LARGE SCALE outages,
>emerging Internet technologies, and general knowledge-sharing of how to
>build better networks.  It's not a mailing list for end users to say "I
>can't reach www.something.com, but before I report it to my ISP or to the
>far-end ISP I wanted to see if anyone else sees my problem."  If that is
>what the list continues to turn into, I for one will be unsubscribing, because
>that is useless to me.

I agree that "every little outage" isn't the purview of this list. It just
seems like we have more messages on this list lately discussing what
should/should-not be talked about than we do about "real" topics. 

This particular case may be more obviously "off-topic", but the reality is
that it just seems (seems mind you) like a disproportionate amount of our
traffic is complaining about other traffic.



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