'nic whois warning

Lincoln Dale ltd at interlink.com.au
Tue Jan 5 05:12:57 UTC 1999

i always thought 24.in-addr.arpa pointed somewhere.

oh well, the comment still stands - only a little more specific:
192.24.in-addr.arpa disappeared somewhere.  (that particular address space
being some hfc/adsl networks in australia).


(doesn't bother me - but i'm sure that it was removed not by the current
user of the said address space).

At 11:57 PM 1/4/99 -0500, Greg A. Woods wrote:
>[ On Mon, January 4, 1999 at 19:06:13 (-0800), Lincoln Dale wrote: ]
>> Subject: Re: 'nic whois warning
>> maybe entirely unrelated, but i did notice that 24.in-addr.arpa disappeared
>> yesterday - and still isn't back . . .
>Do you mean this?
>23:42 [171] $ host -C 24.in-addr.arpa
>24.in-addr.arpa has no NS record (Authoritative answer)
>No nameservers for 24.in-addr.arpa found
>So far as I can remember this zone has never been delegated.  It
>probably shouldn't be anyway....
>Or something like this?
>23:51 [173] $ host -C 112.24.in-addr.arpa
>112.24.in-addr.arpa     NS      NS2.HOME.NET
>112.24.in-addr.arpa SOA record currently not present at NS2.HOME.NET
>112.24.in-addr.arpa has lame delegation to NS2.HOME.NET
>112.24.in-addr.arpa     NS      NS.ON.ROGERS.WAVE.CA
>112.24.in-addr.arpa SOA record currently not present at NS.ON.ROGERS.WAVE.CA
>112.24.in-addr.arpa has lame delegation to NS.ON.ROGERS.WAVE.CA
>112.24.in-addr.arpa     NS      NS.BC.ROGERS.WAVE.CA
>112.24.in-addr.arpa SOA record currently not present at NS.BC.ROGERS.WAVE.CA
>112.24.in-addr.arpa has lame delegation to NS.BC.ROGERS.WAVE.CA
>112.24.in-addr.arpa     NS      NS1.HOME.NET
>112.24.in-addr.arpa SOA record currently not present at NS1.HOME.NET
>112.24.in-addr.arpa has lame delegation to NS1.HOME.NET
>BTW, it seems the operations folks controlling the servers behind the
>whois.internic.net re-director are having a very hard time managing a
>simple operational change, namely the disabling of Path-MTU-discovery.
>After my last go-around I've had several assurances from Mark Kosters
>that he would remind them to disable it and keep it disabled, and I have
>every confidence that he has in fact reminded them several times.
>However despite his, and possibly their, best intentions it seems they
>are incapable of maintaining such an operational change and slowly the
>servers behind that re-director have slipped back into the state of
>using Path-MTU-discovery and it takes ever more frequent retries before
>I'm able to get a complete answer from whois queries.
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