Cisco config checker

Tony Tauber ttauber at
Mon Jan 4 15:48:02 UTC 1999

On Jan 4,  7:20am, Randy Bush wrote:
> Subject: RE: Cisco config checker
> for two+ years, i have been asking cisco for a simple text-based tool that
> can take two configs and generate the command set to get from the first to
> the second.  i.e. a semantic differ.
> as syntax (and occasionally semantics) changes release to release, a version
> of the code would have to come with each image set.

Moreover, it'd be nice if Cisco would post concise rules of the
CLI interpreter (ie. what commands work in what context(s))
or even license it to third parties who want to write their
own config checkers.  This would be a vast improvement to poring
through gobs of tedious (and out of date) documentation to tease
out what you want.
Of course, publishing for the various builds would be necessary
for such an approach to be worthwhile.

They wouldn't even have to reveal the "hidden" commands. ;-)


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