Cisco config checker

Alex P. Rudnev alex at
Tue Jan 5 10:10:18 UTC 1999

I know, but - if you support doc's, you can support simple config 
analyser/helper out of IOS.

And, btw, what's absent in IOS config is _CONFIG COLORING_ - it would be 
pretty if I could color any piece of config to it's uniq color and use 
command like _unload config RED_ -:)...

> is (or should be).  It read it in and it can write it back out.  It is
> that internal data structure, as complex and messy as it probably is,
> having parts of the data scattered in so many modules, that really could
> represent the delta.  Perhaps the only reliable way to do this is to do
> it inside IOS itself.  With a new semantic of a config load that would
> mean "replace the old config entirely with this config" (as opposed to
It's difficult to _REPLACE ALL CONFIG_ because it means you should 
restart a lot of internal programs, but (for example) replace colored 
part - why not?

> the existing semantic "merge this config with the old config") and the
> IOS would do the right thing, this might work.  It would be a little bit
> more black magic, but it would beat having to keep two different IOS
> config interpreters in sync (the real IOS and the external tools).
> > This tool can never tell if the real network will work
> I don't think this problem will ever be truly solved by any means other
> than the ones we use now (check it the best you can, have a fallback
> plan, and go for it at a time of least disruption).
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