Please be nice... (Was Re: Exodus?)

Lawrence A. Deleski lad at
Tue Jan 5 03:12:08 UTC 1999

>Not to mention even the Exodus post was relevant to some of us smaller
>operators.  By listening to the threads ...
> ...personally I find that very relevant to my current and future network

Agreed, but the question remains whether threads like the one I posted
(Exodus) or ones similar to that have a place on NANOG.  After all that I'm
not so sure.  Threads on NANOG usually deal with issues that affect *all*
providers globally, not just one.  Randy summed it up nicely in three or
four bullet points last night, which I won't repeat here, but if you read
his email you'll get the point.

I went way out of my way last night to give Randy Bush and at least one
other person a hard time about this while all along they were right.  For
this I would like to publicly apologize to them both, as well as anyone else
I may have tweaked.  All you have to do is read the NANOG Charter & AUP
(which I did) and then lurk around here for awhile to see what *does* get
discussed here and you quickly (not quickly enough for me) come to the
conclusion that posts like the Exodus post do not really fit into this list
as well as they would in other places.


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