Please be nice... (Was Re: Exodus?)

J.D. Falk jdfalk at
Tue Jan 5 04:13:10 UTC 1999

On 01/04/99, Ehud Gavron <GAVRON at ACES.COM> wrote: 

> Invariably, as a list becomes useful, Newbies get on, don't KNOW about
> an AUP, don't CARE about an AUP, ask stupid questions, and get beat down.

	This isn't even an AUP issue.  It's all about RFC 1855 and a
	bit of confusion regarding the purpose of the list.

	Hint: anybody who can't find an RFC by number should probably
	start with a less technical list than NANOG.  But, I'll be
	nice and give you a URL:

	I've been handing out that URL a lot this year, and we're not
	even a full week into it yet.  It's saddening.

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