IGP Comparison (Summary of Responses)

Scott Brim swb at newbridge.com
Tue Jan 5 19:29:16 UTC 1999

From: Henk Smit <hsmit at cisco.com>

>  Most of the large ISPs in the US run IS-IS as their IP IGP.
> In europe a number of PTTs have chosen IS-IS as the IGP for their new
> IP Internet backbones. That might be an indication if IS-IS is dead.

This points out the real issue.  OSPF and IS-IS are close enough that other
factors usually outweigh their differences.  The choice of IS-IS in this
case is really the result of the choice of an equipment vendor.  These days
at least, vendors are not chosen because they implement IS-IS.  IS-IS is
chosen because of some vendors' protocol implementations.

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