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William X. Walsh william at
Fri Feb 26 23:13:46 UTC 1999

On 26-Feb-99 Bob Allisat wrote:
>   It is an issue of privacy, of the right to
>   control our personal or professional data
>   which is currently laundered fully in public
>   by data-miners, advertisers and anyone else
>   who imagine's it's their right to my name,
>   address, telephone number etc or those of
>   my collegues, co-workers or business relation-
>   ships. All of which are none of their damned
>   business.

And as I said, it is every network providers option whether they chose to allow
access to their network from those hosts.

Many will simply choose not to provide transport to hosts in a TLD that refuse
to provide this information.

And that IS their right, and their business.

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