Suggestion: Add contact entry to whois

Mark Borchers markb at
Fri Feb 26 18:36:16 UTC 1999

On 26 Feb 99, at 11:39, Phil Howard wrote:

> The existing contacts serve that function.  If someone at some place is
> smurfing you, you don't want to talk to some secretary who is going to
> stick a post-it on some manager's door about it.  You want the NOC and
> you want the person in the NOC who can initiate immediate investigation
> and correct the problem.  Well, at least I do.

As stated in Internic's guidelines on the domain template, the 
technical contact is "generally...the person or organization who 
maintains the domain name Registrant's primary name server, resolver
software, and database files"

The DNS administrator would not automatically be the person who wants
to get all the spam, network abuse, and security incident reports.  I
think the Abuse contact is a good idea.

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