FW: FCC rules ISP calls are long-distance in nature

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FCC rules ISP calls are long-distance in nature

By Nancy Weil InfoWorld Electric

Posted at 10:58 AM PT, Feb 25, 1999 In a long-anticipated vote, the U.S.
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Thursday decided that dial-up
Internet calls are interstate in nature and not local.

The ruling overturns state decisions holding that dial-up calls to the
Internet are local. The decision also could mean that local phone companies
will be able to assess usage-sensitive access charges on ISPs, the FCC
suggested in a statement Thursday regarding its vote. Without the so-called
"Enhanced Service Provider Exemption," consumers might have to pay
per-minute fees for dialing into the Internet on local lines, however not
all Internet access calls necessarily will be charged at long distance

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